A festival of lights held in May, Vesak is when the entire country is adorned with lanterns, lightening up the entire country in the gentle glow of flickering lanterns calmly blowing in the gentle breeze. Vesak is the full moon or poya day that marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha. Though the religious aspect is just for a day, the celebrations go on for a week. The entire country lights up in an array of lights that transform normal streets into works of art. Come walk around the streets with the locals as your eyes feast upon beautifully created lanterns and colourful pandols. Come enjoy Vesak with Hayleys Tours.



NAWAM PEREHARA                                       FEB

Nawam Maha Perahera is an annual event that is held in Colombo. The heavily decorated elephants are the major attractions here with the parades and performances.

Every year in February, thousands throng the country’s metropolis as the streets of Colombo give way to a grand pageant that combines dance, culture and splendour. Although established only in 1979, this procession, the Navam Maha Perahera, is a much celebrated and revered occasion that brings together communities and depicts the country’s rich cultural traditions. The pagent start from the famous Gangarama Temple.


The famous Rock Temple at Dambulla lays evidence to inhabitance that dates as far back as the 7th to the 3rd century BC. The Temple area has over 80 caves and evidence shows that they were used for meditation purposes by monks. Dambulla is also home to the Rose Quartz Mountain and one of Sri Lanka’s oldest forests the Iron Wood Forest.  Visit Dambulla with Hayleys Tours and experience history firsthand.


Though it was built on the instructions of a megalomaniac king Sigiriya resonates pure beauty and amazing workmanship. You will be fascinated by the well laid out gardens and ponds and left speechless by the rock fortress itself. The frescoes are pure works of art while the magnificent lion’s paws entrance is breathtaking. Be sucked into history with Hayleys Tours as you visit the King’s throne from where he had a clear view of his queens bathing and his kingdom.


Yapahuwa is dotted with many interesting ruins evidence to its importance in Sri Lanka’s history, but its crowning glory is the rock fortress built along the lines of the famous Sigiriya Rock fortress. For some Yahaphuwa excels with its moats and ornate stone work that have survived the test of time. Yapahuwa is easy to access, so come visit Yaphauwa with Hayleys Tours and judge for yourself if it surpasses Sigirya or not.