A climb up Adams Peak (Nov – Aug)

It is not a trek to be taken lightly, but those with true grit and determination will be well rewarded as they greet the breathtaking sunrise. Adam’s Peak or Siripada as it is known locally has the ‘sacred footprint’ on the summit, the origins of which vary according to religious beliefs. During the peak season the climb is done during the night, so that visitors will be at the summit in time for the amazing sunrise. Trekking along the lit pathways and steps, for hours to reach your destination, is an experience you will always treasure. Climb Adam’s Peak with Hayleys Tours.

Kataragama Festival (July – August)

Located in the deep south of Sri Lanka, devotees flock to Kataragama year out. The place truly comes alive though during the months of July and August. A place of worship that is multi-religious, Kataragama is revered by all for its powers of aiding with personal problems or business success. Many devotees do acts of devotion such as fire walking, in thankfulness for granted prayers. It is believed that Lord Buddha’s last visit to Sri Lanka was to Kataragama where a vehara was built in gratefulness. Let Hayleys Tours introduce you to this melting pot of religious beliefs.

Esala Perahara (July/ August)

Held in August the Esala Perahara in Kandy is a purely Sri Lankan pageant held in keeping with an age old tradition and as a gesture of gratitude for plentiful crops. Behold the site of whip crackers heralding the start of the perehara, adorned elephants, walking along side traditional dancers, as fire torches light up the way. The sacred Tooth Relic is taken in this procession.  It harks back to the beginnings when the then King had the Relic paraded, in delight, of it being brought to Sri Lanka. Come experience this uniquely Sri Lankan experience with Hayleys Tours.

Whale watching (May – September on East Coast)

Whale watching is not just an activity. It affects us on an emotional level. To catch a glimpse of these gentle giants of the sea is one of the greatest satisfactions of life. Offering near perfect conditions, it is no wonder Sri Lanka has become a hotspot for whale watching. The warm weather combined with the clear sea water, is alluring to the whales, to the delight of hopefuls waiting to spot a whale. Come enjoy the thrill of seeing this magnificent