UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A small island it may be, but Sri Lanka can boast of 8 properties inscribed on the World Heritage Sites! No wonder Sri Lanka is such a popular travel destination; with 8 World Heritage Sites set in a paradise environment, this island has so much to offer. With ancient cities like Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya along with sacred cities like that of Kandy and Anuradhpaura and places of natural wonder such as the Sinharaja Forest Reservation there is never a dull moment. Feast your eyes upon these wonders with Hayleys Tours.


The knowledge for long life or Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine that promotes good health and inner well-being. The benefits of Ayurveda is that the ingredients used are all natural. People are just beginning to understand the immense beneficial properties of Ayurveda, which gently removes toxins from the body. In Sri Lanka you will be able to enjoy relaxing Ayurveda treatment that will gently cleanse your body and leave you full of vitality. Let Hayleys Tours introduce you to the wonders of Ayurveda.

Explore Sigiriya – Probably the 8th Wonder of the World

The Sigiriya Rock Fortress or the palace in the sky as it is sometimes referred to as, is a masterpiece of ancient Sri Lankan ingenuity. It is no wonder there is talk of it becoming the 8th Wonder of the World. The Rock Fortress, Sigiriya is a mix of impregnability, pleasure palace and aesthetic beauty, which all adds to its enduring appeal. To visit here is to understand the brilliance of ancient engineers, as you walk through the pleasure gardens, with fountains some of which work even today! Marvel at the work involved in creating this palace in the sky, the ruins of which still showcase its brilliant workmanship. Explore this World Heritage Site with Hayleys Tours.

A climb up Adams Peak (Nov – Aug)

It is not a trek to be taken lightly, but those with true grit and determination will be well rewarded as they greet the breathtaking sunrise. Adam’s Peak or Siripada as it is known locally has the ‘sacred footprint’ on the summit, the origins of which vary according to religious beliefs. During the peak season the climb is done during the night, so that visitors will be at the summit in time for the amazing sunrise. Trekking along the lit pathways and steps, for hours to reach your destination, is an experience you will always treasure. Climb Adam’s Peak with Hayleys Tours.