The knowledge for long life or Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine that promotes good health and inner well-being.The benefits of Ayurveda is that the ingredients used are all natural. People are just beginning to understand the immense beneficial properties of Ayurveda, which gently removes toxins from the body. In Sri Lanka you will be able to enjoy relaxing Ayurveda treatment that will gently cleanse your body and leave you full of vitality. Let Hayleys Tours introduce you to the wonders of Ayurveda.

A climb up Adams Peak

It is not a trek to be taken lightly, but those with true grit and determination will be well rewarded as they greet the breathtaking sunrise.Adam’s Peak or Sirpada as it is known locally has the ‘sacred footprint’ on the summit, the origins of which vary according to religious beliefs. During the peak season the climb is done during the night, so that visitors will be at the summit in time for the amazing sunrise. Trekking along the lit pathways and steps, for hours to reach your destination, is an experience you will always treasure. Climb Adam’s Peak with Hayleys Tours.

Spot a Leopard

Be one of the lucky ones to see the elusive leopard in its natural habitat; Sri Lanka having the highest density of leopards in the world.Sri Lanka’s national wildlife parks are home to the leopard, which is why wildlife enthusiasts and photographers flock to catch a glimpse. It is indeed a wonder to behold these majestic cats in all their grace, roaming around in the wild. The untamable quality is probably their most appealing feature. Try your luck at `spotting’ a leopard with Hayleys Tours.

Galle Literary Festival

Writers, readers, a paradise setting and books galore! That is the Galle Literary Festival where likeminded people converge to enjoy time together in literary discourse.The historic Galle Fort is the setting for the intimate gathering of writers and readers, the world over. It is a festival where discussions are deep, creative ideas flow freely and attendees enjoy the atmosphere against the colonial backdrop of the fort and the ocean. Enjoy the cooling sea breeze and the lively discussions at the Galle Literary Festival with Hayleys Tours.