Sri Lanka Travel News / 2020-01-31

Sri Lanka is truly a paradise for all bird enthusiasts and is one of the best places in the world. The tropical island and the astonishing biodiversity of Sri Lanka, makes it a true haven for bird lovers who arrive from all over the world which comprises of more than 400 species with around 23 endemic and 20 migratory birds descending on the country each year, having flown from South for the winter such as Sandpipers and plovers and some come from as far north as the arctic tundra.

In the south east part of the island while the temperate climate is ideal for migrating birds, the activity becomes more common especially around the bird sanctuaries and wetland reserves spread around the country which includes the Kumana National Park, the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, the Udawattakele Sanctuary and a few more.

The latter part of the year is considered to be the best times for Bird Watching enthusiasts to visit the island and as December has been declared as the National Bird Month by the national affiliate of Bird Life International, the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka. As December is the National Bird Month, many events are organized for the public, exposing them to the treasures of bird life. October and April are also considered the best times to visit for birdwatching, as the migrant birds have landed.

The storks, Spoonbills, cormorants and kingfishers feed off the tanks in the dry regions and the flamingoes that come in hundred to line the lagoons and water holes of Mannar and Jaffna in the Northern Province can be witnessed. All 33 endemic birds along with atleast 200 species can be witnessed easily within a two week bird watching tour in Sri Lanka whether it is your passion, or merely a fancy dabble.

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