Sri Lanka Travel News / 2019-11-26

Titled as the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a staggering height of 720 feet (220 meters), Diyaluma falls is undoubtedly one of the most majestic waterfalls this little island is proud to possess!

Located in the town of Koslanda in the district of Badulla, Diyaluma falls is a six-hour-long journey from Colombo and can be reached via the Colombo-Badulla highway. The Falls are oft-visited due to the fact that the foot of it is just an hour away from Ella, which is Sri Lanka's hottest tourist spot.

While the top of it can only be reached with a 45-minute hike across thick tea plantations, slippery rocks and gorgeous flora, the midsection view from the elevated highway is so hypnotizingly beautiful, you'll have to take extra care to keep your eyes firmly on the road!

The hike itself isn't an easy feat because it doesn't have a set trail (which makes it all the more exciting), but rest assured, is generally a deserted path because of its multiple access points.

Since the fall is situated in the midst of Koslanda, the city brims with friendly locals waiting to accompany you on your escapade, whether it is just to offer directions or to take you on a journey of a lifetime all the way to the top!

Dubbed as 'Mother Nature's Waterpark', its unique feature is the natural infinity pools that form around the uppermost part of the fall, making it the ideal hub for vloggers and tourists from around the world. That being said, extra precaution is necessitated during wet seasons as the drop-down of course, is every acrophobic’s worst nightmare!

A plethora of Instagram pictures taken at the prime of Diyaluma by impressed world travelers showcases a breathtaking backdrop of lush greenery complemented by an expansive sky & series of cascades that dwell together in harmony.

So, if the 361st tallest waterfall in the world has made it to YOUR bucket list, then grab some food, a good camera, some hiking gear, swim wear and be prepared to enjoy an unforgettable day of adventure with out-of-this-world views!

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