Sri Lanka Travel News / 2020-06-18

Sri Lanka, the multiple diverse climate zones, culture and ethnicities with the greatest hospitality packed into one picturesque island should be your next destination if you are looking for a place to visit after the global pandemic.

Sri Lanka is opening to tourists to all countries in August and a few safety guidelines and the precautionary measure will need to be followed if you are ready to take in the beautiful beaches, timeless ruins, famous tea, and the flavorful traditional Sri Lankan food.

Minimum duration of five nights is required in Sri Lanka. A set of safety measures at all hotels in Sri Lanka to safeguard our valuable guests and associates from COVID- 19 have been introduced for your perfect stay which has been compiled to ensure adherence to the guidelines set out by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as local health bureau, tourism authorities, and industry associations.

On arrival, a PCR test will be done free of charge in which test results will be obtained within 4-6hrs by August whereas test results are received within 24hrs currently. A further test will be done 4-5 days after arrival by a mobile unit in coordination with certified hotel provider. For those staying over ten days are required to take a third test, whilst those may cause inconvenience, it is for the betterment and safety of the people.

All tourist sites will be open from the 1st of August onwards with safety protocols and measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of our travelers. National Parks were reopened with a limit on visitors in line with the Government’s health regulations. There will be no travel restrictions for tourists between districts.

As overcrowding, the most visited places by tourists which were a norm back then, traveling during the off-peak times of the year and seeking out the lesser-known destinations and sights and choosing sustainable travel and accommodation is only the beginning to build a better travel industry and a better world. Traveling after the pandemic is also a reduced cost, as you get lesser rates from hotels as well as airlines where travelers can enjoy an exclusive stay in our 4 or 5 star properties.

Sri Lanka, being a teardrop of an island has been able to manage the spread of the virus by taking proactive measures. It is a must visit destination for travelers who are eagerly waiting to start travelling.


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