Sri Lanka Travel News / 2020-05-21

Not long before Covid-19 was everybody's greatest concern, Sri Lanka was recuperating quickly from the overwhelming impacts of the 2019 Easter Sunday assaults and was en route to reclaiming its throne as one of Asia's most inclining tourist destinations.

With Ella being on the front line with its gorgeous Nine Arch Bridge and the most scenic train rides, you will ever experience it was one of the travel hotspots in the island, hosting an endless number of tourists and local travelers coming in and out of the city making the most of its mellow and lovely climate and mind-blowing scenery.

In this city of Ella, stranded tourists are currently being well taken care of by the Ella community despite their own difficulties due to the impact of the pandemic and the government imposed curfew as it may be, everywhere else. Businessman have no choice but to close down they establishments, particularly cafes and hotels targeted at tourists, and considering that Ella was largely dependent upon the tourism trade, the city is currently unrecognizable.

Tourists stranded in India and Saudi Arabia due to the coronavirus lockdown and have been compelled to live off instant noodles, hurrying out to procure even that, trusting each day their own nations would make sense of an approach to fly them back as quickly as time permits, struggling to get home, whereas, tourists across the island in the Ella city is a far different experience. Nearly five hundred tourists stranded in Maldives, are being given accommodation at discounted rates. But Sri Lanka is above and beyond.

They are being provided with food and refreshments during their stay in Sri Lanka, ensuring that they receive sufficient meals and are comfortable. Café Chill taking the lead is currently providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the 40- 50 tourists stranded in the city, on having found them free accommodation to wait out the travel ban and curfew period. Addressing a portion of the business owners in the area, it was generally delighting to hear the reasoning behind them venturing up to accommodate strangers from another country.

Sri Lanka was also recognized by a popular international video blogger and a social media influencer, Nuseir Yassin, a host of Nas Daily for taking good care of the tourists who are currently stranded in Sri Lanka due to COVID-19.

While Ella may paint a familiar picture when looking at all the tourist destinations around the globe, the one thing that is separating the city from anywhere else is – good old Sri Lankan hospitality and graciousness.

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