Sri Lanka Travel News / 2020-04-30

Sri Lanka being an all year round destination, it can be visited any time of the year as you get a variety of activities to choose from and much more. The Minneriya Elephant Gathering which takes place between August and September every year at the retreating banks of the Minneriya Lake is world famous for its large number of elephants and one of the most spectacular natural scenes you will ever see! During the dry season, herds of elephants as large as 300- 400 gather around the Minneriya reservoir where grasses are rich and ripe and becomes a playground where elephant can satisfy their water needs. The elephants here mingle, and bathe and even find their mates and it is an astounding sight and a must see if you visit Sri Lanka.

Being a famous Surfing hotspot that caters to all experience levels from beginners to advanced and professional surfers, Sri Lanka is a must visit destination. The period during April to October is considered to be the best season on the east coast where the waves are longer and Arugambay is considered to be the most famous area for professionals in which many point breaks can be found such as Whiskey Point, Elephant Rock and Peanut Farm. Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa in the south west coast and Weligama in the south coast are the best sandy beach surf spots in the island, perfect for beginners.

Sri Lanka offers plenty of Scuba Diving and Snorkelling spots from coral reef to shipwrecks and much more. To get more visibility of the marine world can be seen in the east coast of Sri Lanka from April to October.  The Trincomalee diving spot is the shipwreck of Irakkandy, an 18th century steamer close to the coast and the Pigeon Island Marine Life sanctuary is surrounded by coral reefs full of colourful fish, anemone and much more. The Nilaveli Beach is the launch pad for most divers. 

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