Sri Lanka Travel News / 2020-05-04

Home to a picturesque little village, Habarana is an interesting place to visit which serves as a good base for Sigiriya and safaris to the national parks such as Minneriya and the Kaudulla National park. There are numerous beautiful places that you can explore from natural to counterfeit that you will fall in love and you are not to be blamed. Here are a few places:

Witness the typical Sri Lankan village life by doing the famous Hiriwadunna village Trek where everything is laid back unlike the fast pace of the city. A ride on a bullock cart along the dirt track and through the ride paddies down to the beautiful Hiriwadunna Lake will leave you with a feeling of serenity. A catamaran ride on the lake with its wide variety of dry zone birdlife and views of the enclosed forests, marshland and vegetable plots of farmers and much more is truly an unforgettable experience and is considered to be one of the places that they feel most at peace while in Sri Lanka.

Safari through the Minneriya National Park- The largest known wild Asian Elephant Gathering at one place, Minneriya National Park is one of the best places to see elephants in large gatherings throughout the year, especially during the dry season from April to October. The National park is the convergence point in which the vast ancient Minneriya Reservoir that irrigates the considerable area of the district, Polonnaruwa was renovated.

The Kaudulla National Park located in the Polonnaruwa district of Sri Lanka is best to be visited between August and September with the population of elephants topping to more than 200, following the acclaimed elephant gathering at Minneriya National Park.

The Sigiriya Rock Fortress which is also referred to as the Eighth Wonder of the world, formed from magma of an extinct volcano, 200 meters higher than the surrounding jungles is an easy half hour drive is a wonderful trip for those looking for a taste of adventure. It attracts thousands of tourists every year for the significant archaeological importance it holds.

Climbing Sigiriya is one of the popular things to do in Sri Lanka, but climbing the Pidurangala Rock which is an enormous rock located north of Sigiriya is a more challenging climb. The two rocks have an interlinked history: while King Kasyapa was building the Sigiriya Rock Fortress in the 5th century, priests living in around Sigiriya, was moved to another religious monastery on the Pidurangala rock. There is no clear way to the top with steep uneven steps but once reached, the glorious vistas of the surrounding landscape and the mind boggling view of the spectacular Sigiriya Rock is surely breathtaking.

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