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Whale watching is the activity of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. It’s one of the very exciting water activities in Sri Lanka because you will gain the opportunity to witness various types of whales and dolphins in Lanka oceans.

The blue whales are identified as the largest animals that ever lived on earth, and seeing more than one at sea is a very rare moment. You can experience this truly amazing moment by going on a whale watching journey in Sri Lanka because these immense blue whales prefer to swim in the warm seas of Sri Lanka during the seasons. In addition to blue whales you will also spot Spinner dolphins, Bottle nose dolphins, Short-Finned Pilot whales, False Killer whales and Spotted dolphins.        

According to the season these whales and dolphins migrate to two different seas of Sri Lanka;

From November to April they can be spotted in the Deep South Coast .


From May to October they can be spotted in the East Coast .

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