Blog article / 2020-06-18

Post pandemic precautions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is opening to tourists to all countries in August and a few safety guidelines and the precautionary measure will need to be followed if you are ready to take in the beautiful beaches, timeless ruins, famous tea, and the flavorful traditional Sri Lankan food.

Blog article / 2020-06-11

History and benefits of Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda is a precise combination of science and the art of living and popular for its extensive natural recuperating ways that work on illnesses and improving the general wellness of the human body and mind.

Blog article / 2020-05-28

Why you should travel to SL after COVID-19?

As the world scrambles to find a cure for Covid- 19, Sri Lanka has remedies of their own. From sunshine and high humidity to indigenous medicine and immunity boosting spices are just few of the reasons why Sri Lanka should be your next holiday destination of choice.

Blog article / 2020-05-21

Stranded tourists in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was also recognized by a popular international video blogger and a social media influencer, Nuseir Yassin, a host of Nas Daily for taking good care of the tourists who are currently stranded in Sri Lanka due to COVID-19.

Blog article / 2020-05-04

Top 5 things to do in Habarana

Home to a picturesque little village, Habarana is an interesting place to visit which serves as a good base for Sigiriya and safaris to the national parks such as Minneriya and the Kaudulla National park.

Blog article / 2020-04-30

Things to do in Sri Lanka in August

Sri Lanka being an all year round destination, it can be visited any time of the year as you get a variety of activities to choose from and much more.

Blog article / 2020-04-06

Top 5 things to do in Ella

Surrounded by the delightful hills of the central highlands, covered in rolling green tea estates, tall trees and fascinating natural formations, Ella is a natural paradise known for its location.

Blog article / 2020-04-03

Things to do in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, also known as the Little England of Sri Lanka, lies among the lofty slopes and valleys of the Central Highlands is home to all the tea estate workers and estates manufacturing the best flavored tea, an immense field of beautiful flowers and vegetables.

Blog article / 2020-03-10

Sri Lanka on a budget

This beautiful island being a year- round vacation spot with a plethora of sunlight all year round is filled with tonnes of golden beaches, quaint coastal towns and stunning scenic mountain views is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for a budget traveller in Southeast Asia.

Blog article / 2020-03-05

Solo female travel in Sri Lanka

The freedom you get travelling solo is the best thing anyone could ask for as it manifests the exploration of the country at your own and challenging space and focusing on the authentic food, Sri Lanka has to offer.

Blog article / 2020-02-24

Destination weddings in Sri Lanka

Currently enjoying the third spot on the most popular destinations for weddings and honeymooners in the world, Sri Lanka has always been the ideal destination for exotic wedding ceremonies and much more.

Blog article / 2020-02-17

Sri Lankan Spices

Sri Lanka being a teardrop island is a land of spices, rich in flavours, fragrance and colour. The spices are used in different ways such as in curries, short eats, sambols, sweets and much more in which the mix of seasonings will tickle the inner senses.

Blog article / 2020-02-14

Glamping in Sri Lanka

The simple comfort of camping to luxury boutique eco lodges offered in compensation is glamping as you know, not everyone is into camping in the wild! Discover the best glamping sites in Sri Lanka.

Blog article / 2020-02-11

Surfing hot spots in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka being a famous surfing destination that caters to all experience levels from beginners to immediate surfers who often travel to Sri Lanka to advanced and professional surfers, is a must visit destination.

Blog article / 2020-02-05

Recent Sri Lanka accolades from international communities

Travelers may consider Sri Lanka to be a beach destination but truly immerse yourself in the country’s history, go inland and tour the country's cultural triangle as it is an impeccable experience.

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