Situated in Eastern seaboard and approximately 35km from Batticaloa town, Pasikuda is considered one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. This glorious stretch of golden sands frilled with natural coral reef and shallow warm waters allowing you to walk for miles in knee deep waters.

Re-emerging from the civil war and the tsunami in 2004 as a tourist spot, the area offers luxury to budget accommodations providing options to satisfy every budget category. However, abandoned houses left to ruins still can be found around the city, standing ghastly as remnants of the past pain and anguish.

As a result of the natural coral reef, plenty of marine life can be found such as damselfish, cardinalfish, butterflyfish and a handful of snappers and sweetlips, sand perches, shrimp gobies, shells and plenty more that would keep you enthralled and occupied for hours.

Snorkelling and Diving

Kayankerni is considered the best spot for diving and snorkelling in Pasikuda, for its shallow waters and the biodiversity rich coral reef teeming with colourful fish such as yellow striped goatfish, blue lined snappers, bigeye snappers, clownfish, coral cods, sweetlips, trevally, napoleon wrasses and stingrays are among the long list of marine life made this fascinating coral their home.

For the more daring souls, there are deeper rocky reefs and wrecks, most famous one being the Sergeant, a British Navy ship that was sunk during the infamous Japanese raid in World War II in 1942. There are other shallower wrecks perfect for beginner divers such as the Lady McCullum and the Boiler Wrecks which are from 5-17m in depth.

In addition to snorkelling and diving, you can try your hand at kite-flying, wind surfing, water-skiing and kite boarding.

How to Get There

The main access point to Pasikuda is from Batticaloa, which is accessible from all the major cities. From Batticaloa there is another bus journey for about 30 minutes which will take you to Valachchenai town, about 2km away from Pasikudah where you will be able to grab a tuk tuk ride to the accommodation.

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