Points of Interest - Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay

Sri Lanka a country with a reputation for great beaches, hence it takes a lot for a stretch of beach to stand out from the rest. Arugam Bay region is a surfing heaven with an amazing stretch of sand with turquoise warm and inviting waters in charming little town with just one main street of shops containing restaurants, small corner shops, bike rentals, surfboard rentals and various other shops that cater all the creature comfort of every beach traveler.

Arugam Bay is well known for being a great surfing point and for its relaxed vibes. The town is no longer a secret backpacker’s hideaway, consequently the need of bit of a local know-how before you start packing your bags, to avoid the disappointment of ending up on an overcrowded beach.

Things To Do in Arugam Bay


Best Surfing Points in Arugam Bay

Main Point: Main Point is the closest point to Arugam Bay town. The Main point is great for intermediate wave chasers. But if you’re a beginner don’t sweat, just before the Maint point you will find the Baby Point, just as the name implies this is most suitable for beginner surfers with gentler waves.

Whiskey Point: this is bit away from Arugam Bay and although this is mainly recommended for novice surfers, Whiskey Point has something to offer for surfers, swimmers or sunbathers alike.

The waves break off a rocky outcrop near the beach, creating perfect surfing conditions. The swell can vary from 1-4 meters depending on the direction. This is also a perfect place to watch sunrise and sunset, making it a perfect couples retreat.

Peanut Farm: this sand bottom, point break, where you can paddle out in the channel right beside the rocks. While the rights break close to the rocks, the beach break is a perfect condition for beginners.

Motor Bike Ride:

Best way to travel short distance is Sri Lanka is by Tuk Tuk or by a scooter just in case you get stuck in traffic or simply for the easy parking possibility, which is a big issue around Sri Lankan roads. Just like most of other towns with tourist attractions, Arugam Bay also gives you the option to walk in to a shop with your passport and driving license and rent a scooter for a day or for the whole stay.

Panama Tank:

Panama Tank also known as the Crocodile Point due to its large group of inhabitant of crocodiles. The savanna like landscape with lagoons creates a perfect environment for migrant birds including wading birds and waterfowls. And if you’re lucky you might even spot an elephant or two.

Kumana National Park:

Once known as Yala East Due to its location, Kumana National Park is famous for the 200 hectare Kumana Villu or Kumana Bird Reserve. Watchtowers are available for the bird watchers and there have been sightings of Sri Lanka’s very rare species of birds during the nesting season, May to June.

There are camping sites available around the national park and the more glamorous option of glamping facilities are also available.


Even though most of the nightlife takes place at five star hotels in Colombo, there are also many other places throughout the rest of Sri Lanka which cater to those who enjoy a lively night and early morning!

Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay are famous for their well organized and colourful beach parties. On a Saturday night the clubs in Arugam Bay are packed like sardine cans and filled with music, dancing, massive crowds in best Sunday dresses and lively conversations.

Taste Sri Lankan Sea Food:

If you’re in a coastal town, regardless of the area, you are bound to come across seafood restaurants. So if you happen to be a seafood fanatic, the East coast in Sri Lanka is probably the best place of the country to be in.

Most of the coastal towns are packed with quaint little restaurant with home cooked meals using fresh seafood for unbelievable low prices. And on the other spectrum of the restaurant line, you will find luxury high-end hotels and boutique restaurants that fulfil your every seafood need, with no price tag.

Or simply work on your tan:

You simply cannot come to Sri Lanka and return without the best sun tan ever! If the half-moon shaped bay, turquoise waters, multi-coloured sand and bright sun failed to induce you to just chillax on the beach, nothing would.

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