Points of Interest - Kalpitiya


The beaches are isolated and blessed with the stunning sunset, Kalpitiya is a peninsula set in between the deep lagoon of Puttalam to the east and the magnificent Indian Ocean to the west.

Kalpitiya is located in Puttalam district, North Western province of Sri Lanka. It is known for its serene beauty, mangrove swamps, salt marshes, flat coastal plains, vast sand dune beaches and 14 islands that span over 1670 hectares.

Things to do

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing are considered as couple of main activities around Kalpitiya, that takes place around the lagoon which is only accessible from dirt roads that flows through marshes and most of the times only considerable transportation is by 4WD. But if you’re looking for an adventure, do ask around you might find a daredevil tuk tuk guy that would jump in to take you through to the lagoon.

Snorkeling & Diving

Kalpitiya has the largest coral reef in Sri Lanka. It is a home of many varieties of color fishes and sea creatures. Best spots for snorkeling / diving are near Bar Reef (6 meters), Anchor Point Reef (14 Meters), Barracuda Rock (16 Meters) and Sniper Rock (18 Meters). Best time to go diving is between November to April.

This beautiful reef is home to an incredible variety of tropical fish, manta rays, reef sharks and the occasional turtle if you’re lucky!

Dolphin Watching

Kalpitiya is one of the best spots to watch dolphins, hundreds of them will swim pass by the boats playing, creating best memories of your holiday. Best time to catch these playful creatures in action is during mid-October to mid-May.


Kayak in the lagoon mangrove forest is one of the best experiences for the nature lovers. The whole boat ride is filled with sightings of different types of marine life including endemic and common creatures that has made lagoon their habitat.

Apart from the natural marine life you will get to experience the fisherman’s life in this boat ride through fishing villages and shrimp farms.

How to Get There

Located about 170km from Colombo, you will be able to get there by a taxi in 3 ½ hours drive. Or for the backpackers out there, a selection of Air-conditioned buses, normal buses are available from Colombo Fort.

Once you’re there the best possible way to get around will be a tuk tuk if you don’t have your own vehicle, it is best to know the rough prices and negotiate a price before you get in to avoid nasty surprises.

Note: Finding a vehicle to hire once you get there is not the easiest tasks so it is best to find a hire vehicle from Negombo or Colombo.

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