Points of Interest - Arugam Bay

Nightlife & Seafood

Dining in Arugambay


Even though most of the nightlife takes place at five star hotels in Colombo, there are also many other places throughout the rest of Sri Lanka which cater to those who enjoy a lively night and early morning! Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay are famous for their well organized and colourful beach parties. On a Saturday night the clubs in Arugam Bay are packed like sardine cans and filled with music, dancing, massive crowds in best Sunday dresses and lively conversations.


If you’re in a coastal town, regardless of the area, you are bound to come across seafood restaurants. So if you happen to be a seafood fanatic, the East coast in Sri Lanka is probably the best place of the country to be in. Most of the coastal towns are packed with quaint little restaurant with home cooked meals using fresh seafood for unbelievable low prices. And on the other spectrum of the restaurant line, you will find luxury high-end hotels and boutique restaurants that fulfil your every seafood need, with no price tag.

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