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Arugam Bay Surf Point
Surfing in Arugam Bay

Best Surfing Points in Arugam Bay

Main Point: Main Point is the closest point to Arugam Bay town. The Main point is great for intermediate wave chasers. But if you’re a beginner don’t sweat, just before the Maint point you will find the Baby Point, just as the name implies this is most suitable for beginner surfers with gentler waves.

Whiskey Point: this is bit away from Arugam Bay and although this is mainly recommended for novice surfers, Whiskey Point has something to offer for surfers, swimmers or sunbathers alike. The waves break off a rocky outcrop near the beach, creating perfect surfing conditions. The swell can vary from 1-4 meters depending on the direction. This is also a perfect place to watch sunrise and sunset, making it a perfect couples retreat.  

Peanut Farm: this sand bottom, point break, where you can paddle out in the channel right beside the rocks. While the rights break close to the rocks, the beach break is a perfect condition for beginners

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