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Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls, which is dubbed as ‘Mother Nature’s Waterpark’ is the 2nd biggest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a staggering height of 720 feet (220 meters). It is undoubtedly one of majestic waterfalls this little island is proud to possess which is located just one hour away from Ella, in the town of Koslanda in the Badulla district and is the perfect spot for a full day adventure. The beginning of the Diyaluma falls hike is quite easy to reach within an hour by tuk-tuk, car or motorbike. If you fancy a hike than just dipping in at the bottom of the fall, there is about 3 hours hike, with no marked path but views are out of this world and it is often visited as it is Sri Lanka’s hottest tourist spot.

The Punagala Oya, a tributary of Kuda Oya which in turn is a tributary of Kirindi Oya are the falls that forms the Diyaluma Falls. Before pouring over a sheer cliff face and dropping in the chasm, the Punagala Stream ties together a series of gorgeous natural pools. With a 45- minute hike across the thick tea plantations, slippery rocks and gorgeous flora, the top of the falls can be reached. The intricate channels and pools into the rock that have been carved by the ceaseless flow of water, weaves through the verdant mountain terrain. These pools of the Diyaluma Falls is considered to be amongst the best in the world for a scenic swim, with the breathtaking views it offers. 

Its natural infinity pools that form around the uppermost part of the fall is the unique feature, making it the hub for bloggers and vloggers from around the world. Considered to be a top tourist attraction, the profusion of Instagrammable pictures that could be taken at the prime of Diyaluma by impressed and well established travelers, showcasing a breathtaking backdrop of lush greenery and complemented by an expansive sky.

The climb itself isn't a simple accomplishment since it doesn't have a set path, which makes it all the all the more energizing, yet have confidence, and is commonly a betrayed way as a result of its numerous passages.

Since the fall is arranged amidst Koslanda, the city overflows with friendly locals holding back to go with you on your adventure, regardless of whether it is simply to offer bearings or to take you on an excursion of a lifetime right to the top!

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