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Hurulu Eco Park

Jeep safari through the Hurulu Eco Park

Hurulu Eco Park is a perfect place for those who want a nice safari experience.

Selected as a biosphere reserve, Hurulu forest reserve is an important habitat of the Sri Lankan wildlife. The park hosts a remarkably large amount of wildlife, including some which are rare, such as the Indian Star Tortoise, Sri Lankan Jungle fowl and the Rusty-Spotted Cat. The habitat includes lush green marshes, and grasslands and a bumpy ride through forest and clearings will get you a chance to spot majestic Sri Lankan elephants in their natural setting which is considered one of the most incredible experience a visitor to Sri lanka can get.

At such close distances, the elephants are indeed regal animals. Family groups stick close together, the babies constantly protected by their elders and prevented from wandering off. It’s a joy to watch those families and will be the most marvelous thing you will experience in Hurulu National Park..

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