Points of Interest - Kandy


Mahiyanganaya Stupa
Sorabora Wewa
Weddha village

Great views of mist covered mountains, drizzled with sparkling silver streams, and lavish greenery plus a zigzag road. That’s how you can describe your journey to Mahiyanganaya. This road is among of the most picturesque hilly roads in the Kandy district. The road has a length of 41km, including 18 hairpin bends.

Dambana, a nice jungle village, is situated close to Mahiyanganaya. The Sri Lankan indigenous (Veddha) people are still living in this jungle village. The Veddhas of Dambana have their own traditions and culture. Veddhas were originally hunters. They used bows and arrows to hunt game, and also gathered wild plants and honey. The original dwellings of the Veddhas were caves. Joining the Veddhas of Sri Lanka in their village gives visitors a unique opportunity to get a direct experience of the Veddha culture. The Veddhas are devoted to their traditions and a visit will leave you with an unforgettable wonder. You will be delighted to see the unfamiliar sight of a Veddha with an axe hanging from their shoulders

The ancient Mahiyangana Stupa, located 1km south of the city center is a another attraction in Mahiyanganaya. The glowing white Stupa sits over a gigantic platform. The statues of elephant heads are built onto the platform stand. A well long straight walkway stretches from the decorated Makara Thorana (dragon arch) to the Stupa.

The beautiful Sorabora Wewa Reservoir bordering the Veddah village which is rich in birdlife is another attraction for nature lovers.

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