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Moon Plains

Moon Plains
Moon Plains Nuwara Eliya

Located just off the Nuwara Eliya city, Moon plains, also known as Sandatenna, most famous for the Mini World’s End viewpoint which offers surprisingly spectacular 360’view of the surrounding towering mountain range.

Midst the spikey peaks of the hill country of Sri Lanka are the astonishingly beautiful Moon Plains. It is known before it was turned into a known attraction, the site of moon plains was filled with tons of garbage used by the residents of the neighboring cities. After cleaning it in 2010, it was named as an Agricultural & Environmental Tourism Zone by the government. It is situated extremely close to the city of Nuwara Eliya, only 2.5km distance from Nuwara Eliya town to the entrance. In order to climb moon plains, it is advised to hire a safari jeep from the office which is located at the entrance.

The stand out feature of the site is the panoramic view of Sri Lankan mountains which offers many experiences to the explorer. Principal attraction at Moon Plains is the view you get from Mini World’s End. Mini World’s End is an area on the pinnacle of a strongly dropping precipice that gives a 360 º perspective on the encompassing landscape. Besides Mini World’s End, it is also home numerous wild animals such as elks, bison, deer, the infrequent leopards and numerous sorts of birds.

Moon Plains can be classified as a perfect spot for a hike or even a cycle tour, as it is full of wonderful sceneries to look forward to. It is also an ideal spot for Instagrammers. The view from the Mini World's Peak at dawn is particularly fabulous; with the brilliant gleam of the sun, blending in with the fog that wreaths the pinnacles and valleys encompassing the region.

At the viewpoint on a clear day, one is able to see peak points of 9 different mountains in Sri Lanka. Including Pidurutalagala which is the highest peak and also the most elevated pinnacle, Konical Hill Mountain, Single Tree Mountain, Kirigalpoththa Mountain which is the second highest peak, Hakgala Mountain, Kikiliyamana Mountain, Great Western Mountain, the sixth highest peak, the Thotupola Mountain and the Namunukula Mountain is also visible from the Mini Adams Peak. Perfect time to visit this site is either in the morning time or evening time. This photo worthy is not to be missed as it is a spectacular view!

Opens daily from 7am to 5pm and the ticket prices are surprisingly reasonable and includes safari jeep and a guide.

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