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Elephant Foundation

Elephant at Millennium Elephant Foundation

The Millennium Elephant Foundation is situated on a beautiful 15-acre estate known as ‘Samaragiri’ in Rambukkana area, in the Sabaragamuwa District of Sri Lanka. The premises have been home to the Samarasinghe family for generations and now, as a family, they run a non-governmental organization in Sri Lanka, dedicated to improving the lives of captive elephants. The foundation is funded mainly by visitors and volunteers fees.

Since the inception of Millennium Elephant Foundation, more than 80 elephants have been provided shelter. Presently, there are elephants spanning in age from 25-60 years residing under the care of the sanctuary.

The experience you get there is not limited to just seeing Elephants. Visitors can observe their daily routine, ride the elephants and assist with their daily washing in the Kuda Oya river that runs through the grounds.

The funds received from both visitors and volunteers are used to maintain the elephants’ well-being, and also for the rescue of more captive elephants.

The experience you get at Millennium Elephant Foundation is remarkable and visitors enjoy the truly fantastic and unique way to interact with the elephants.

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