Points of Interest - Polonnaruwa

Nelum Pokuna

Kumara Pokuna
Nelum Pokuna

The Pokuna or the baths found at Polonnaruwa are similarly of modest dimensions. The architecturally impeccable Kumara Pokuna discovered near King Parakramabahu's royal residence is believed to be that of King Nissanka Malla, the several baths of the Alahana Pirivena are a few models.

Another one of famous monument in Polonnaruwa is the Lotus Pond which is also referred to as the ‘Pasuma-nahana- kotthaka’ and located within the Jetavana Monastery complex. It is believed to be the bath provided by King for the monks belonging to the Jetavana Viharaya. It is built to a shape of Lotus, hence the name Nelum Pokuna or Lotus Pond. Even though the pond is built close to the King Parakramabahu’s Palace, there is evidence to prove the pond was actually built by king Nissankamalla. These five concentric levels of eight petals pond is 254ft in diameter and completely built with cut granites.

The small stone bath of a completely unique design, the Nelum Pokuna or the Lotus bath is built in tiers of an eight petal lotus in a descending form. The fine cut granite is in astounding rock formation and an absolute delight to the modern day tourists. The ambience of garden-like surroundings with its antiquated flowering trees enhance its magnificence.

Most tourists miss this visiting this ancient site in Polonnaruwa. Yet, in the event that you are fortunate to visit it on a calm night or early morning it is a spot of incredible sentiment which will allure you each time you visit Polonnaruwa.

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