Points of Interest - Polonnaruwa

Nissanka Latha Mandapa

Nissanka latha Mandapaya built by King Nissankamalla (1187-1196), is a square building with fine rock cut railing going all around lying the Dalada Maluwa area of the old realm of Polonnaruwa. Sources reveal that this was the place where King Nissankamalla worshipped the tooth relic. The most significant element of this structure is the shape and the carvings of the stone pillars. These columns are carved looking like a lotus stem and are curved in three spots. The head of the columns take a form of a lotus blossom. On the inside is a little Stupa. The entire structure is encircled by a fence made out of stone.

Stone pillars similar to that of the Nissanka Latha Mandapaya can also be found in a building located near Satmahala Prasadaya. The original structure is thought to be covered with a roof. A small rock cut stupa of which the top has been truncated is located in the center on the building. This has most been probably used as a stand to receive the casket during the chanting of the pirith.

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