Points of Interest - Ratnapura

Bopath Falls

Bopath falls gushing through
Bopath falls during the monsoon season
Bopath falls
Bopath falls

Cascading in the shape of a Bo leaf (Ficus religiosa), Bopath falls is a comprehensively studied waterfall in Sri Lanka which is located in the Ratnapura district. The source of the waterfall is the Kurugana River which later joins the Kaluganga River at Kurugaomaodara.

Bopath falls is considered to be one of the most studied waterfall in Sri Lanka for its biodiversity and folklore surrounding the falls and the area. Paddy fields of the Udakada and Kuruwita areas are irrigated from this waterfall. The annual rainfall of the fall’s catchment area is approximately 5080mm. the upper reach of the waterfall is made up of granite and biotite virin and is covered by sand. It is surrounded by plant and tree life such as Kumbuk, Para, Beduru, Dun, orchids, varieties of Meewana and also home to many species of fish.

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