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Hummanaya Blowhole

Hummanaya Blowhole
Hummanaya Blowhole

Located approximately 7 km west of Tangalle is the fishing village of Kaduwela in which the Hummanaya Blowhole can be located. It is considered to be the second in the world and largest in Sri Lanka alone. largest It is truly extraordinary when the 20m profound and a meter wide water splits in the cliff, which funnels plumes of water up into the air in great jets by some terrific action of water pressure. The fancy names is derived from the low, booming ‘Hoo’ sound that goes before the jets of water. During the monsoon months from May to November is impressive and must include place to visit in your travel itinerary.

The blowhole can be either astounding or incredibly dull depending on your luck, despite its amusing name it holds. The southern west monsoon in June is considered to the best time to see the natural water fireworks, however it is never assured that you will witness the high seas shooting water 23m into air through an impressive rock formation.

A rewarding road trip from Tangalle includes the Hummanaya blowhole, the Wewurukannala sanctuary with its tremendous Buddha sculpture and the retaining rock sanctuaries of Mulkirigala. Other fascinating local excursions include evening trips to spot turtles coming ashore at Rekawa, while Tangalle can likewise be utilized as a base for trips to the little-visited wetlands of the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary in transit to Hambantota.

Discover the Hummanaya Blowhole while you explore the southern coast of Sri Lanka!

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