Points of Interest - Trincomalee

Fort Fredrick

Entrance to the Fort Fedrick
Fort Fredrick Trincomalee

With golden beaches, enchanting mountain landscapes, rich wildlife and exotic cuisine, Sri Lanka is a paradise which, undoubtedly, will steal your heart.

Trincomalee, or Trinco as it’s commonly known, in North-eastern Sri Lanka is a spot ideal for enjoying the beauty of stunning beaches and marine life.

Hidden within the essence of Trinco, Fort Fredrick brings out the old world charm of the pleasant city, although colonial times are long gone.

The Fort Fredrick was built by the Portuguese in 1623. This fort was captured by the Dutch in 1639. Later, the fort was captured by the British in 1795.

The old Koneswaram temple, earlier known as the temple of a thousand pillars, was located inside this fort. According to historical information, Portuguese had demolished the old Koneswaram temple and they had built this fort with the parts The remaining things were pushed down to the sea. According to historical facts, this place was also known as Gokanna and the Gokanna Temple is also located inside.

The famous Lover’s Leap is located by the temple. The story of Lover’s Leap is a sad tale of love. According to historical information, a daughter of a Dutch officer committed suicide by jumping from that point because of her broken love affair.

This remarkable landmark offers an unparalleled experience, taking you on a journey back to a bygone era.

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