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Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach
Nilaveli Beach

Known for its largest natural harbors in Sri Lanka, Trincomalee has always aroused an interest  in which the Portuguese called the bay ‘Bahia dos Arcos’ in their records and described it as a strategic location for Indian Ocean trade routes which could control the entire Gulf of Bengal.

Trincomalee is currently of interest to those seeking for an idyllic holiday in Sri Lanka. Situated approx. 16km North of Trincomalee, Nilaveli beach is an uninterrupted stretch of beach, passing a flourishing lagoon on either side and lush coconut palm groves and hordes of cattle, in which the people of the city are predominantly Hindu and consider the cows sacred.

The beautiful white sandy beach with waves ideal for surfing, diving, and snorkeling is worth visiting. The famous pigeon island, named due to the rock pigeons perching on it by the hundreds and crystal clear water surrounding it to snorkel on to the clear depths of a reef, is located approx. 2km into the sea and the further up North is the cluster of reddish rocks which are referred to as the Red Rock Beach.

Nilaveli Beach is well-known for its white coral sand beaches and shallow waist-height waters that allow you to walk into the sea for hundreds of miles in some places and is considered to be one of the finest beaches of Sri Lanka.

The inhabitant Pigeon Island located just off Nilaveli on the East Coast is ideal for snorkeling. The island gets busier during holidays and weekends. If you’re after a more peaceful setting then head off to Coral Island, a few kilometers north to the Nilaveli beach.

Coral Island, found a couple of kilometers away is a well-preserved live reef, home to amazing marine life, offering memorable snorkeling experiences and ideal location if you are looking to getaway from the zippy beaches of Trincomalee. A walk around the shores of Arisimalai or the Mountain of Rice will be a satisfying encounter of stroking the rice like bits of sand on the sea shore. The Dead Man's Cove, Sweet Bay, Coral Cove and Back Bay are beguiling and enclosed gulfs in Trincomalee.

It absolutely has that feeling of paradise-island remoteness, with a lot of bowing palms swaying over the golden sand. It's about 4km long, with its resorts spotted along the shore. Looking east, you can see Pigeon Island alluring you to snorkel.

The beaches of Trincomalee offers a worthwhile encounter unmatched during the months of April to November, for addicts and adulators of sun, sea and surf, a fact one must remember in choosing the days of your Sri Lanka Flights.

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