Points of Interest - Trincomalee

Whale Watching

Tourists enjoying the view of blue Whales

Trincomalee in the North East of Sri Lanka is regarded as one of the best places in the world to watch Blue Whales, alongside Mirissa in the South of Sri Lanka. In addition to the rich natural diversity, Trincomalee also has a rich cultural and historical heritage which includes kovils and temples which are of extraordinary religious significance.

Whale watching is one of the exceptionally energizing water activities in Sri Lanka in which you will gain the opportunity to observe different types of whales and dolphins in the Lankan seas. Distinguished as the largest creatures that ever lived on earth, and witnessing more than one adrift is a very rare moment. You can encounter this truly astounding moment by going on a whale watching venture in Sri Lanka on the grounds that these gigantic blue whales prefer to swim in the warm seas of Sri Lanka during the seasons. In addition to blue whales you will also spot Spinner dolphins, Bottle nose dolphins, Short-Finned Pilot whales, False Killer whales and spotted dolphins.       

Sri Lanka is situated within the International Whaling Commission’s protected zone while Trincomalee is commonly regarded as the best place for this seasonal activity in the country. Offering you a perfect opportunity to encounter the largest mammals in super pods containing 40 or more, Trincomalee is one of the deepest and most strategically placed natural harbors in the world.

Between March and April and August and September months, Spinner Dolphins and other Dolphin sightings can be witnessed mostly in Trincomalee whereas, whales can be spotted during the months of December to April.

Sri Lanka’s Blue Whale watching season extends from May to August off Trincomalee according to feasible data from the Sri Lanka Navy. This over-turns the predominant view that the Blue Whale season completes in April. Whale watching would now be able to turn out to be monetarily settled during the 'East Coast Season'. The consolidated Mirissa, December to April and Trincomalee, March to August seasons for watching Blue Whale currently gives Sri Lanka the longest and best Blue Whale watching season in the world, spanning at least 9 months.

Whilst this excursion may take approx. 3-5 hours, get ready to spot sperm and blue whales, false orcas, spinner and bottle nose dolphins during this excursion with 98% chance of spotting of Blue Whales swim freely.

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