Colombo is Sri Lanka’s bustling commercial hub located on the west coast of the island. The city is rich with culture, heritage and religions and one place you can witness the contrast of best and worst Sri Lanka has to offer.

While Colombo offers an array of luxury, hotels, restaurants, Nightclubs, Casinos and shopping malls bearing famous brands to satisfy the luxury living standards it also carries a maze of small shops selling wholesale and retail in cramped-up dusty, noisy streets and traffic jams that are so crazy, enough to make locals cringe.

A jarring mix of old and new, the city of Colombo is a cluster of high rise office blocks and hotels overshadowing red tiled colonial era buildings and sprawling street markets which overflow with high piled fruits and vegetables, deliciously fragrant traditional Sri Lankan spices and colorful silks and cottons. The places of worship and symbolic of Sri Lanka’s multi ethnic heritage such as Buddhist temples, extravagant temples encrusted with Hindu statuary can be found in the crowded streets of Colombo, along with Islamic mosques with minarets scattered along the busy streets.

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