Galle is Sri Lanka’s most preferred destination amongst Foreigners and locals alike. Situated on the Southern coast, it features one of the most alluring beaches in Sri Lanka. Galle is the best example of colonial impact by Europeans in South and South-East Asia and interaction between European architectural influences and South Asian traditions.

This is a perfect place for water sport enthusiasts, since the this coastal town offers you all sorts of water sport activities starting from swimming, snorkeling, diving, Jet Ski, Shallow water Fishing, Deep water fishing, surfing, paddle boarding to just lying on the golden sands until you get that perfect tan, Galle has it all. Although it offers an array of Beach activities, Galle isn’t just about the beach, read below to find out what else this charming city has on offer and why it should be on most travelers itineraries.

Getting here

Galle is easily accessible via the Southern Expressway, the A2 Highway or the coastal rail line. Train ride is ideal if you enjoy learning about social and cultural aspects of Sri Lankan day-to-day life.

Southern Expressway is the quickest, easiest and most comfortable route by Air Conditioned buses or private transport.