Habarana is a small picturesque city situated almost equidistant between Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura and Dambulla.The chain of high class tourist resorts which are extremely eco-friendly and have been built towards the beneficial aspects of the natural environment is the main aspect as to why the city is famed. As it is the starting point for safari tours in the nearby Minneriya Sanctuary which is heavily populated by elephants and other species of wildlife, it is an ideal destination for safari lovers.

Encircled by a small footpath around which is possible to walk in 90min or so, is the main attraction in Habarana , the fine Habarana Lake,

Situated near the ancient rock fortress and castle ruin of Sigiriya and Dambulla cave temple is the site of a famed organic farm specialize in high yield agro- crops. As day excursion can be taken into the ancient areas of the country to explore the past lives of great kings and their monuments, Habarana also attracts those who are interested in the intriguing history of this tiny island. It offers some of the most amazing Sri Lanka holiday packages and it is a renowned paradise for those who love natural history an d wildlife.