Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a lush, tropical island paradise set off the southeastern tip of India, lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean is the ideal destination for you making it a year-round destination. Its endless beaches, timeless ruins, hospitable people, rolling surf points, affordable prices, herds of elephants, known for its scenic and beautiful train rides, famous tea plantations, and flavorful food make Sri Lanka irresistible.

Sri Lanka has been named as one of the best places to visit for female solo travel in Asia by Lonely Planet as the best things about traveling alone is the freedom it affords the individual.

The history, culture, and the natural beauty of Sri Lanka are undeniably alluring dating back to the birth of time. The eight World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka out of which 3 ancient and magnificent cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Sigiriya were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1982. Followed by the evocative colonial fortresses from Galle to Trincomalee. Sri Lankan culture can be discovered at ancient sites where legendary temples boast beautiful details even as they shelter in caves or perch on conspicuous pinnacles in which Kandy and Dambulla are one of them. Remaining an essential destination, an epicenter of history with relics and ruins, temples and palaces, wildlife running free, Sri Lanka was selected as one of the best places to visit in 2020 by CNN Travels. "The South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka is as ancient as it is beautiful; as complex a civilization now as at any time in its 2,000-year history.”

The hill country of Sri Lanka is the most scenic, mist wrapped land of emerald peaks and its tremendous views, carpeted with tea plantations and graced by the baffling cascades. The breathtaking train rides to the exquisite little town, Ella is undeniable, utterly captivated by the beautiful sceneries.

Sri Lankan cuisine is an integral part of its culture and tradition has many influences from many varied destinations. It is a land of spices, rich in flavours, fragrances, and colour. The spices used in the right combination turn the simplest Sri Lankan traditional dish into an aromatic and rich experience in the world of cooking and it is worth indulging. Ceylon tea is the enchantment that will fill your cup, perfectly brewed with the world’s finest tea, renowned and considered as the second-largest exporter in the world. A visit to one of the tea plantations and factories in Sri Lanka is a must.

Varied as the island itself, Sri Lanka’s wildlife ranges from elephants and leopards to marine life and a vast variety of species of birds. Sri Lanka was ranked first for the category of Asia’s Best Nation for Wildlife Tourism at the Top Asia Corporate Ball 2019. Considering to be one of the best places to see whales, including the mighty blue whales in the world, Sri Lanka offers the easiest ways to see the animals in their natural habitat, and to get a taste of Sri Lankan wildlife where safari parks, and sanctuaries are easily available to have a sighting of the endangered leopard; watch the elephants feeding and washing in a tank or lagoon or even take a walk along the beaches of the west and south coast to see the marine turtles as they lay their eggs.

Named as one of the ‘Best Countries in the World’ at the 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards, Sri Lanka offers untold charms to those willing to explore. Endowed with over a thousand miles of beautiful golden beaches, fringed with palm trees is the tropical island found in the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal making it an ideal destination for a beach holiday.

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