Sri Lanka is a unique country in many ways. Although Sri Lanka is small, a traveler can get many exciting and diverse experiences in different parts of the island. When planning a tour to Sri Lanka, you will no doubt expect to get all the best experiences and see as many attractions as possible.

Kitulgala, a famous adventure activity destination in Sri Lanka, should be included in the travel itineraries of nature lovers and adventure seekers. It’s the place where the Academy Award-winning movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai” was filmed. The charming location of the movie is still accessible to visitors.

If you are hoping to combine adventure and leisure into a day trip, Kitulgala is one of the best choices. Being so close to Colombo, Kitulgala gives the visitor an opportunity to return to Colombo before dark and, if you opt to stay overnight, you would be able to do many adventure and leisure activities such as white water rafting, bird watching, visiting Beli Lena caves, bathing in the river, trekking to waterfalls, river expeditions, forest walks and trails, mountain biking etc.

Although the Kelani River is wide in Kitulgala, it’s shallow, thus, in the drier months, it provides a safe and attractive place to swim and play in the river. The lush green jungles of Kitulgala offer plenty of camping opportunities; moreover, rock climbing is widely enjoyed. Kitulgala is a treat for photography enthusiasts with many bird species and stunning natural scenery located in the area.

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