Historically known as ‘’Manthei”, “Mathota”, Mahathiththa”, “Mahaputu” and “Mawatuthota”, the largest islet in the country, Mannar is located at the Northern Province. Distance being 30km from Mannar to India over Indian Ocean, it was one of the main exit points to India. Once thriving city now deteriorate to a dry and barren peninsula.

Mannar is famous for the Baobab trees, believed to have been brought by Arabian Traders for the sole purpose of feeding Arabian Camels, during the times of Dutch colony.

This shallow spread of sea offers stunning views of lagoon, pilgrimage opportunities, bird watching, and fishermen’s villages. Apart from the fishing, Mannar District was famous for pearl fishing as an industry since 19th century based on Silavathurai, Arippu and was one of the main revenues during British ruling.

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