About 800 years ago this was a city standing proudly with astounding architectures, gigantic stone carvings expressing serenity and peacefulness of a religious statues and giant architectural wonders with intricate designs replicating and representing the grandeur to this day.

After the south Indian attacks, Auradhapura was finally desolated and Polonnaruwa was chosen as the new capital by the South Indian Cholas in 10th Century. Eventually, the Chola dynasty was defeated and the power was regain by the Sinhalese king Vijayabahu I in 1070.

For 2 centuries the city was enjoying the glory days, until in 13th century the capital was moved to the Colombo. 

After the release of the Disney documentary movie “Monkey Kingdom”, over 12000 US Cinemas in year 2015, Polonnaruwa has been in the limelight. The life of a troop of wild toque-macaque monkeys which are referred to as ‘Rilaw’ by the locals is being documented based around the ancient kingdom of Polonnaruwa. The grandeur and structural masterpiece of this ancient kingdom are a true treasure to the country while the combination of the nature and animals adds a fine touch to the booming tourism industry that the country has always hoped for.

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