About 800 years ago this was a city standing proudly with astounding architectures, gigantic stone carvings expressing serenity and peacefulness of a religious statues and giant architectural wonders with intricate designs replicating and representing the grandeur to this day.

After the south Indian attacks, Auradhapura was finally desolated and Polonnaruwa was chosen as the new capital by the South Indian Cholas in 10th Century. Eventually, the Chola dynasty was defeated and the power was regain by the Sinhalese king Vijayabahu I in 1070.

For 2 centuries the city was enjoying the glory days, until in 13th century the capital was moved to the Colombo. 

How to Get There

Situated 216km away from Colombo, can be accessed by bus or train, however the trip will take you a good part of a day. Both busses and trains can be found in Fort stations throughout the day.

Given the flat and easy terrain, once you’re there the best way to travel is by a push bicycle or a scooter that can be rented shops all over the city.