The perfect getaway to the wide open beaches of the southeast of Sri Lanka, Tangalle is the last town of any size before Hambantota and has some old world charm. Located 195 km south of Colombo, in the southern coast of Sri Lanka dotted with the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. The coast at Tangalle is home to beautiful beaches to both, the northern and the southern coast of the town. Towards the north, are Medaketiya and Medilla and Maralolliya beaches; and towards the south, are Pallikaduwa and Goyambokka beaches.

Located on perhaps the largest bays in Sri Lanka, Tangalle is a provincially significant fishing port, which is protected from the ocean by an encasing reef. It is a focal point of the travel industry and a popular holiday destination on the south coast. The Old Dutch Fort is situated in the town centre, which is used as a prison today. Tangalle was used as an important anchorage on the southern coast of the island by the Dutch as well as the British. A few remaining Dutch architecture in Tangalle are the Dutch Fort, Rest House and the Court House.

Surfing in Tangalle is somewhat a specialty and ideal for beginners where many surf camps can be set up in the area due to the beach break that creates gentle waves. As Tangalle is situated between the rocks and a hill in which the waves are hardly affected by onshore winds that might usually dampen the mood.

The Mulkirigala Rock Monastery is made up of seven cave temples in five separate descending terraces, built upon a 673ft (205m) rock. All five terraces, Lower Terrace, Bo Tree Terrace, Great King’s Temple Terrace, Upper Bo Tree Terrace and Chaitya Terrace and their temples are easily accessible via granite paths and steps.

First declared a protected area in 1938, Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary has been a haven for wildlife since. Its assorted blend of natural surroundings, such as, coastal lagoons, mangrove marshes and open grasslands makes it an ideal home for both marine and bird life. The haven makes a tranquil and laid-back outing for those who wish to bird-watch and do more dynamic outings for those who love to travel across wilderness paths.

Home place of the largest Buddha figure in Sri Lanka, Wewurukannala is a golden statue that stands 50m high which is worth a visit. Tangalle is home to many activities and which wouldn’t bore you.

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