Weligama is popular as it hosts several boutique hotels and it is the finest tourist destinations of Sri Lanka. The island of Taprobane is the loveliest stretch of the Weligama Bay. Most often several traditional and colourful boats are seen been pulled up following their night expeditions.

Weligama's benign beach break is a great place to learn to surf, about a two kilometre stretch of shallow sandy beach. One of the best things to do in South Sri Lanka is to discover a connection with the ocean and catch your first wave. Getting there for first light and to surf till sunrise is the most serene experience ever, up until 8am is a good time to practice on the uncontended waves as it is usually quiet.

One can wonder and feast on the inhabitant of the deep, who end their days after being hacked up and sold from roadside fish stalls after having a good time in the beach.

Weligama beach is famous for its stilt fishermen. In chest-deep water on the beach, just a few meters off-shore, are the stilt fishermen perched on a cross bar fixed on a single pole planted into the sea-bed. These fishermen, who are the poorest of the poor, spend hours with their lines cast out to the sea to catch small fish and sell them in return or use for their daily meals.

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