Boutique Hotels

A boutique hotel is a stylish, small, luxury hotel which consists of no more than 100 rooms and no less than 10 rooms. This type of accommodation unit offer you a highly personalized touch with a unique, classy interior.

The boutique hotel concept is ideal for a clientele who are looking for a comfortable stay in a calm and quiet surrounding with a service similar to that of a 5 star product. Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka differentiate themselves from large star-class hotels by providing personalized accommodation in less crowded, more tranquil settings.

Sri Lanka offers the finest collection of boutique hotels situated in urban locations as well as in every corner of the island, namely beaches, coastal lines, towns, hill country, national parks and in ancient cities.

Here you will be able to experience the warm Sri Lankan welcome and hospitality during your entire stay while a 24-hour service is most often available. You will also get a chance to taste either Western, Sri Lankan or International dishes catered at any time depending on your requirement.

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